The Ward 7 website is the first pilot initiative on e-governance and a prototype representing the lowest level of governance unit, Ward 7 of Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), Nepal. The aim of this website is to illustrate examples on how the lowest level of governance, the Ward, can make it easier to find and access ward-specific government information online for citizens.

The Ward 7 website is a collaboration among YoungInnovations, Kathmandu Living Map, Party office of Hon. MP Gagan Kumar Thapa and Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC).The team is focused to make this portal a common destination for all Ward 7 related information. The major features of this website include service provided by ward, data on development plans, projects, spending and revenue, policies and directives, taxation, etc in a way that citizens can access all prominent information of Ward 7 easily. As a result, local communities can be empowered by sharing ward information to enhance community support in the economic and social development activities.

This project employs dual approaches of “government for citizen” and “citizen for government”.  As per the need of the government to be citizen-centric, the data and information supply to citizens can foster their engagement and participation in development challenges. Civic engagement and citizen-government partnership could foster a new level of transparency, promoting more involvement at the grassroot level.   At the same time, public service delivery could be more efficient and effective through maximizing the ability of citizens to actively collect ward-level information. Citizens could also analyze government productivity and work towards making government more accountable through civic engagement. Opening up government information can establish a partnership between the government and citizens to strengthen development activities, which is beneficial for both the government and citizens.


To create a prototypical e-governance website from the ward-level, the lowest level of governance, to enable availability, accessibility and use of government data from Ward 7.

To maximize the ability of citizens to actively engage and participate in socio-economic development activities of ward 7 by increasing access to government data.

To enable efficient and effective public service delivery for citizens by bringing transparency and accountability into ward administrative operations.